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Annual Conference | NNDC

Annual Conference

Dates for the 2014 NNDC Annual Conference Coming Soon!

The 2013 Conference provided many memorable moments - we spent three Michigan fall days at the University of Michigan Union and the Michigan League where we heard some truly inspiring talks. Whether your favorite part of the conference was a technology-centered plenary talk or sitting in on an inspiring symposium such as the Women and Mood talk in honor of Dr. Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, we hope that there was something for everyone.

All attendees of the 2013 Conference have been invited to view our Dropbox folder, which contains the audio files of all presentations and photographs from the event, as well as several PowerPoints.

The available presentations are as follows:

Plenary Speakers

First Annual David Mrazek Pharmacogenomics Lecture
"Why Hasn't Psychiatric Pharmacogenomics Succeeded? Lessons from Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder."
Roy H. Perlis, MD

Plenary 2: "Technological Applications in Research: The Promises and Problems of Big Data in Neuroscience."
Stephen Larson, PhD, Chief Information Officer, One Mind for Research, CEO of MetaCell, LLC

Plenary 3: "Technological Applications in Research: Big Data: How Might the NNDC Put it Together?"
Brian Athey, PhD, University of Michigan

Women and Mood Disorders: "Sex Differences in Depression: Concepts and Perspectives." A symposium dedicated to Dr. Susan Nolen-Hoeksema

Building Upon the Foundations: Dr. Nolen-Hoeksema's Contributions to the Field of Depression in Women
Heather Flynn, PhD, Florida State University

Gender Differences in Predictors of Mood among Patients in the NNDC Clinical Care Registry
Sandra Weiss, PhD, DNSc, University of California, San Francisco

Mother, Father, and Child Transitions after the Birth of a Second Child
Brenda Volling, PhD, University of Michigan

New Investigations into Gender Differences in Depressive Disorders: From Pathophysiology to Clinical Presentation to Treatment
Kristina Deligiannidis, MD, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Depression in the Context of Women's Health Issues Internationally
Timothy Johnson, MD, University of Michigan

Closing Remarks on Sex Differences in Depression Symposium
John Greden, MD, University of Michigan

Translating Researcch Advances into Biomarker Development, Trials and Treatments

Getting SMART about Adapting Interventions!
Susan Murphy, PhD,  University of Michigan

Obtaining AND Using Cognitive/Affective Metrics in Real Time Clinical Settings; Practicalities and Opportunities
Scott Langenecker, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

Depression and Other Mood Disorders in College Populations: Identifying, Preventing, and Treating Earlier
E-Bridge: Online Suicide Risk Screening and Intervention with College Students
Cheryl King, PhD, University of Michigan Depression Center

The Healthy Minds Network for Research on Adolescent and Young Adult Mental Health
Sarah Ketchen Lipson, University of Michigan, and
Daniel Eisenberg, PhD, University of Michigan Depression Center

Suicide Prevention: Risk Identification, Innovative Stratefies and Interventions

Suicide and Bipolar Disorder: Risk Factors in Two Cohorts
William Coryell, MD, University of Iowa

Chronic Pain and Suicide Risk
Mark Ilgen, PhD, University of Michigan Depression Center

Region-Specific Alteration in the HPA Axis Gene in the Postmortem Brain of Teenage Suicide Victims
Ghanshyam N. Pandey, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

Mediators of the Impact of the Good Behavior Game in First and Second Grades on Reducing Risk for Suicide Ideation and Attempt by Age 30
Holly C. Wilcox, PhD, Johns Hopkins University


If you have not yet been granted access, but would like to view the NNDC Conference Public Folder, please email Mary Simkins at msimkins@nndc.org